When we say global, it is really global.

DemandShip offers All-destinations-in-One shipping service. We do not limit our service to certain countries, and you do not need to find other carriers for new destinations. If you do not see destinations you want to ship your parcels to, we would love to hear your demands.

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We understand Asian characters and letters always have been a headache on English web pages. DemandShip supports Asian characters and letters which allows you to ship freely to Asian countries.

We know what we are doing.

Many cross-border shippers are anxious about customs, and even hesitate to ship abroad. What if my parcels cannot clear customs? What if I am overly charged with duties and taxes? DemanShip provides reliable and accurate customs clearance, and alternative tax payment methods. You may choose between DDP and DDU whichever suits you the best, and we will handle the rest for you.
*Situationally, DDP or DDU service may be limited in certain countries.

Our Tax Management system estimates the amount shippers or receivers need to pay to customs. This gives you better insights in the costs upfront, and prevents unwelcome surprises.


Click, click and click!

Click one. Upload your data using our csv upload format.
Click two. Click to print labels and attach them on your parcels.
Click three. Click to send out your parcels.

DemandShip is a shipper oriented shipping service. You may simply manage your shipping orders, tracking status, and transaction details here!